Executive Productions

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are still accepting Executive Production applications during this time. However, our resource availability and production format may differ from below.

Executive Productions

Conferences, hearings, Town Hall meetings, concerts, parades, May Day performances, graduations… some of the many community events that are covered by ʻŌlelo Community Media’s Executive Production (EP) service.  Your organization or agency can apply for this (free once-a-year) service.

Review the requirements below and complete our  EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION APPLICATION to get started.

  • To use the EP service, you must be an O‘ahu non-profit organization, educational institution, government agency or community organization that is interested in sharing your event with your island community on ʻŌlelo’s cable channels.
  • ʻŌlelo provides this service to help organizations and agencies telecast important events without the constraints of commercial television.
  • Applications must be submitted at least four weeks in advance of the event.
  • This service is designed for events that can be documented in one continuous recording and that require minimal editing.
  • Coverage is determined by factors such as crew availability, scheduling, timeliness, community reach, and safety.
  • EP coverage is free of charge for first time participants, although please see the application for incurred costs such as crew meals, parking or other production-related costs, multiple use of service, LIVE requests.
  • Submitting an application DOES NOT guarantee EP coverage.

Contact our EP team for more information.

Click on the images below to view examples Executive Productions.  (From left to right): Hawai’i Chinese Ching Ming Observance, Kamehameha Day Floral Parade, Hawai’i State Spelling Bee, Pacific Buddhist Academy Taiko Festival.




Terri Madden, Artistic Director and Founder of PlayBuilders of Hawaiʻi Theatre Company, shares her experiences with ʻŌlelo’s Executive Production service

Things You Should Know

Prior to taping, liability forms are signed. Community producers are fully liable for all the content generated by their program. We ask individuals and organizations interested in using our facilities to be mindful of the following:

Commercialism – Use of ‘Ōlelo facilities to generate revenue, promote a for-profit business, publicize a company in exchange for services or fees, refer viewers to a point-of-sale, or other non-public service uses are unacceptable. You will be charged fair market value for use of the facilities, and future access to ‘Ōlelo resources may be denied. If you think your content may be considered commercial, please talk to ‘Ōlelo staff.

Copyright – Use of copyrighted materials (music, photos, etc.) without written permission is a violation of federal law.

Unprotected Speech – There are certain types of speech that are not protected under the First Amendment. Invading someone’s privacy, producing obscene or indecent material, inciting others to riot, and making slanderous or libelous allegations are examples of unprotected speech. Using unprotected speech opens you to the possibility of both criminal charges and/or civil lawsuits.

Anonymous Speech – All ‘Ōlelo programming must include contact information at the end of each program for viewers with questions or comments about your program.  This contact info (or ‘End Slate’) must include your O‘ahu mailing address and/or telephone number; an e-mail address or website is optional, but not a substitute.