Aloha future ‘Ōlelo Series Producers!

If you missed the deadline (October 8) for submitting your series request application, applications are accepted at any time throughout the year.  Those who met the deadline for the 2023 season are given priority in the initial scheduling.

Kudos to our 2022 series producers who made the time to produce and submit programming regularly.  Being a series producer is a huge commitment, but viewers are very appreciative of the consistent programming and in-depth information on a series topic.

Some benefits of being a series producer:

  • Regular time slot to point your audience to
  • Ability to build an audience following
  • Consistent timeslot that can be promoted throughout the year
  • Continued discussion or sharing of content on a particular subject or theme
  • Guaranteed show title listing on cable and online digital listings

If you’re still interested in starting a series but need to learn more about being a series producer, reach out to your nearest Media Services Center or call 237-2140 to talk to a Media Education Specialist.

If you’re ready to produce your show, fill out the Series Request Form and return it to the Māpunapuna Media Service Center at or send it by mail to the Programming Department.

Mail to: Programming Department
                  1122 Māpunapuna Street
                  Honolulu, HI 96819


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