Giving Voice – PSA Service

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are created via ‘Ōlelo’s Giving Voice Service. This offers O‘ahu’s non-profit, education, government and business organizations serving the community a quick and easy way to create simple video messages at no cost.  

Giving Voice is our virtual service where you can submit and upload your own video recording of your message, along with your B roll (photos) to our server. We will edit your PSA, following  your instructions. CLICK HERE to apply for this service.  Here is what this Giving Voice PSA could look like: 

Here are some guidelines:

  • Designate one spokesperson from your organization.
  • Develop a thirty or sixty second message about your organization. This message length airs most often on television. 
  • Your message should be evergreen (not date-specific).
  • No commercial speech, requests for donations or info about fundraising.
  • The background will be white – do not wear white or small busy patterns. The camera will only record from your chest to your head.
  • A teleprompter will not be available, so memorization and practice is key (don’t worry – you’ll have a few chances to get it right).
  • ‘Ōlelo will air your message on all of its channels and we will email you a copy for your use. We will also identify the PSA as a community service of ‘Ōlelo Community Media. 
  • One PSA per organization per year.

To schedule a recording session, contact us, reserve a date and time, and return the PSA Release Form via email. Please note: 

    • The person doing the recording must sign the form.
    • Write a tagline or brief slogan of your group’s mission. 
    • Add your spokesperson’s name, the organization’s name and contact information. Please bring a business card.
    • Include a copy of your organization’s logo or bring it with you on a flash drive on the day of taping. The logo must be a high resolution graphic with a jpeg, png, tiff, or gif extension.

Write out your script on the PSA Rundown Sheet. Indicate where to place your b-roll (photo, video or graphic). Our editor will follow your Rundown Sheet to complete your PSA.