IT and Master Control under the direction of Todd Yamamoto
Programming and Engineering & Facilities under the direction of Roger McKeague


Cherisse Ferreira – Programming Manager 

Jocelyn Ota – Programmer

James Adamos – Programmer

Information Technology/Master Control: 

Steven Cutrell – Information Technology/Master Control Manager

Russel Cabral – Senior Playback Technician 

Tinkle Malama – Playback Technician 

Milton Onna – Playback Technician 

Walter Ferreira – Playback Technician

Jason Tayros – Playback Technician

Engineering & Facilities: 

Jimmy Galam – Senior Broadcast Engineer

Melvin Kouchiyama – Bench Technician

Sisto Domingo – Broadcast Specialist

Pacita Corpuz – Custodian