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Candidates in Focus (CIF) offers candidates running for O ‘ahu or statewide office the opportunity to present a message up to 5 minutes in length. Messages are consolidated into programs featured by contest and region and then cablecast on television and made accessible online before the Primary and General Elections. This year, we will offer Candidates in Focus three ways: virtually, in-person or self-recorded. Click on the buttons below for more details.

CIF Overview and Instructions

CIF Virtual Recording in Teams

Program Submission is another way to share your message. If you have an already-produced short or full-length program, submit them for air on our cable channels. Over 285,000 O ‘ahu subscribers have access to ‘Ōlelo’s channels. Please ensure the  program does not contain commercial material or solicit funds.

Mini Studio is a 3-camera, live-to-record production service that enables you to create your own thirty-minute program to discuss issues important to you and your community.

Executive Production – Election Coverage covers forums, debates, and town halls. Requests should be made as soon as possible; priority is given to election-related events where all candidates for a given contest have been invited to participate. Visit to complete the Executive Production application.

For more information about each service, contact us at or 237-2123.  We trust that by making each participating candidate’s message accessible to the voting public, we can inspire our community to vote informed this election year.

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