PIC Media Makers Workshops

Pacific Islanders in Communications presents the PIC Media Makers Workshops in partnership with ʻŌlelo Community Media. These workshops are a comprehensive development program that assists local media makers in their quest to create a sustainable business, develop quality content and locate funding.

Below you will see each workshop’s description and their ‘Ōlelo air dates.  All workshops will be available on our YouTube channel or here on this page after their respective air dates.

If you would like to attend any of these workshops, please email mkauvaka@piccom.org to be added to a waitlist.

Workshop 1: Starting Your Business

From Concept to Creation, through The Paperwork Process to Funding Opportunities


Workshop 2: Creating Your Business Plan

Defining what a Business Plan is and why they’re needed, Business Plan Elements and Drafting a Business Plan


Workshop 3: Grant Proposal Writing and Project Budget Development 

The best way to showcase your project when applying for funding is through the treatment proposal. This workshop will give an overview of what you should know about writing an exceptional proposal and developing a budget.

9/24/2019 6:00 PM OLELO53
9/25/2019 8:00 AM OLELO53
9/29/2019 10:00 PM OLELO53
9/30/2019 3:00 PM OLELO53

Workshop 4: Ten Tips for Editing a Successful Sample Reel

Unfortunately, this workshop has been cancelled.

Workshop 5: Producing 101: The Business End of Filmmaking (9/28/29)

We all know about the fun side of filmmaking – conceptualizing, casting, shooting, screening…But what about the things you should have in place to produce your project and what should you prepare for? Learn more about financial reporting, insurance, rights and more information that will insure you will be taking care of business the correct way.

Air dates coming soon

Workshop 6: Industry Professional Q&A (9/28/29)

Attendees of the workshop get a chance to meet with Hawaiʻi Industry Professionals that can assist them with information to further their project(s) and share their experience and expertise.

Air dates coming soon

Workshop 7: Pitching 101: Preparation and Process (10/12/19)

This session will begin with Jicky Ferrer, Former Club President and Vice President of Education of Paradise Hawaii Toastmasters, as he presents public speaking tips to build confidence. Then Independent Filmmakers and Pitch Veterans, Joe Wilson and Dean Hamer, will walk you through the fine art of pitching your project to get what you’re asking for.

Air dates coming soon

Workshop 8: Pitching 101: Learn by Example (10/12/19)

In this session we’re bringing it all together with a little twist! A few finalists for the upcoming Good Pitch Local Hawaiʻi will pitch their projects to give you an opportunity to observe and critique the pitches by applying the tips you learned in the previous workshop.

Air dates coming soon