ʻŌlelo Loves Pets

Each year, our staff organizes an internal recycling drive. This year, our staff voted to donate our 2020 recycling drive money to a local non-profit – Hawaiian Humane Society. Upon delivery of the money, we got to take a photo with Hawaiian Humane Society President and CEO Anna Neubauer and our new friend, Sistah!
ʻŌlelo also ran a social media campaign on February 20th for National Love Your Pets Day.  We asked our staff and followers to upload a photo or video of their pet to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. They were instructed to tag @OleloCommunity and two(2) pet-lover friends for a chance to win a pet toy and to have their photo/video featured on our TV channels. We received many adorable pet photos and combined them into three different video collages. Watch them all below.