Members of the Year 2020

Congratulations to the following community members who have been honored as the 2020 Members of the Year by ‘Ōlelo. Each of these members received a commemorative coin from our President and CEO, Sanford Inouye, as well as a certificate of appreciation, and various ‘Ōlelo novelty items.

Nānākuli Member of the Year

At ‘Ōlelo, it is important to create a safe place in which youth and adults alike can learn about media production..

Our Nānākuli Staff truly values all of our clients and volunteers that continue to engage with us. We especially appreciate those who apply the wisdom and knowledge gained to give back to ‘Ōlelo, fellow clients, schools, and our communities.

Marjorie Moore wrote:

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in”

At 14 years of age and too young to vote. She’s a JAM (Junior Academy for Media) participant and has been an ‘Ōlelo Producer since 2016.

We would like to congratulate Treasure Lewis as Nānākuli’s 2020 Member of the Year.

Kāneʻohe Member of the Year

This year, Kāneʻohe would like to recognize a member who has been with us since 2006. She is dedicated to her mission of spreading the good word across the island. She is a producer,
director, and editor of two programs, which she diligently turns in on time, and has continued to engage with ʻŌlelo through this difficult time. She is a good friend to ʻŌlelo, and we are blessed to have her.

This year, we would like to honor Sabrina Franks as Kāneʻoheʻs 2020 Member of the Year!

Waipahu Member of the Year

We at Waipahu truly appreciate this member’s continued engagement with ‘Ōlelo since taking her first introduction to production class in 2003.  During the first shutdown back in March of 2020, Shirley Ujimori was able to maintain her weekly series Heart of Christ without missing a beat.

We would like to Congratulate Shirley Ujimori as Waipahu’s 2020 Member of the Year.

Wahiawā Member of the Year

Wahiawā is all about community. All of our volunteers and members are a valuable part of our Ohana. This year, Wahiawā would like to recognize a member who has been a part of our Ohana for
many years. He is a producer, director and editor for his weekly church sermons, and he turns in his shows on time every week. He often drops in just to say “hi” and brighten our day.

This year, we would like to recognize I’u Pasi as Wahiawāʻs 2020 Member of the Year.

Kaimukī Member of the Year

This year, Kaimukī would like to recognize a Member who has diligently submitted his weekly series on time and has continued to engage with ʻŌlelo through this difficult time. This person has been open to adapting and was an integral part of us creating a temporary, online submission system. His positive attitude throughout everything has made him a pleasure to work with.

We would like to recognize Sean Sweet as Kaimukī’s 2020 Member of the Year!

Māpunapuna Member of the Year

Māpunapuna’s Member of the Year is someone we had to say Aloha to in 2020. He was much more than a member of the year, he was like a member of the family for us. For more than 25 years, we at ʻŌlelo have been honored to work with Jim Brewer, someone who exemplified the extraordinary qualities of so many ʻŌlelo producers: passion, optimism, intelligence, kindness and most of all, heart.

Jim passed away earlier this year and our condolences go out to his wife and fellow producer, Renee Ing, and his family.

When Jim started his ʻŌlelo show, called Employees Today, in 1995, the project number was 136. That’s just a number, but consider that projects are in the thousands now and they are created chronologically. His project number was 136. All those years ago, he was producing and hosting ʻŌlelo programs on Medicare for All, Free Trade, Minimum Wage, Energy Independence, Economics, Media Reform…he did it all. He has produced hundreds and hundreds of shows, with the help of many different crew members, volunteering himself on others’ shows.  He was one of our most prolific and certainly one of our longest running producers. Sometimes it’s easy to think of it as just Jim’s show and it was definitely presented from his perspective, but he empowered so many other voices through the years.  A few years ago, he changed the name of Employees Today to Full Democracy, a subject very near and dear to his heart. He even stepped up and ran for office himself, including for governor. Jim believed that “ordinary people working together could do extraordinary things.” He was the very best reflection of that. 

Whenever he visited us here at ʻŌlelo, he showed himself to be a true gentleman and a model community producer. He was a kind soul and could always be counted on to share his perspectives on camera, and off.  We will miss him.  

Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us, Jim, member of the year and member of the family for 25 years. We’ll always feel like it wasn’t quite enough.  

Volunteer of the Year

Mike Hall is a long time client of ʻŌlelo. He hass been with Kaneohe since 2009 when they were located at Windward Community College. He has been a dedicated member since the
beginning. Not only is he a full time teacher for Koʻolau Baptist Church, he also videotapes and edits their weekly sermons. In addition to his duties at his church and school, Mike has always helped at the Kāneʻohe MSC whenever they need him. He has put together furniture, taken out the trash, sat as talent, and even helped in the office when they are short staffed.

In recent years, he has been a dedicated volunteer and a very good friend to all of our staff. Whenever Kāneʻohe needed help, he would never hesitate to lend a helping hand.

Please help us congratulate Michael Hall as ʻŌleloʻs 2020 Volunteer of the Year.