Lōkahi is the Hawaiian word for “working together”. The Lōkahi Project is designed bring people together toward a common goal. We will match a business to a community sector whose constituents compliment their business customer profile. Through the Lōkahi Project, a business can also support their own charity interests. ʻŌlelo establishes and develops the relationship with community prospects who could benefit from a PSA (Public Service Announcement) video to be shared with their supporters.

This is an overview of our Lōkahi Project process and benefits. Frequent PSAs reach a wider audience with your messages.

Business Sponsor

$250 introductory cost to sponsor one PSA

  • Your company name and logo presented at the end of every sponsored PSA.
  • Frequent airtime on ʻŌlelo’s channels.
  • Expand your company visibility within our community.
  • Additional business exposure when sponsoring multiple PSAs.

Non-Profit Organization

  • Schedule your recording appointment with ʻŌlelo.
  • Create and log your script on the PSA script outline.
  • Collect and submit B-roll (photos, video, graphics) to enhance the PSA.
  • Share the PSA on social media and website.

Sample PSA:

ʻŌlelo Support

  • Connect a business with a non-profit organization.
  • Provide the studio, camera crew and editor to complete the PSA with B-roll.
  • Staff editor will follow the script outline to insert B-roll and complete the PSA.
  • Our Playback Department will schedule and air the PSA on our channels.
  • PSA will be made available on ʻŌlelo’s YouTube channel.

Benefits for Everyone

  • Establishes complementary networks between all participants.
  • Greater return on investment for time and sponsorship.
  • Frequent airtime on ʻŌlelo’s channels.
  • Shared exposure on everyone’s social media networks for wider viewing audience.

To participate in this collaborative service…

START HERE if you are an NPO or Agency.

START HERE if you are a business.