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Executive Productions Application

  • Thank you for your interest in ‘Ōlelo’s Executive Productions (EPs).

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  • Point of Contact for production

    As the person who is filling out this form, you are the Point of Contact (POC). You must be authorized to approve the payment of fees and assume liabilities on behalf of your organization or agency, and will assist with the coordination of all aspects of the production with 'Ōlelo. Upon approval of this application, we will ask that you complete an 'Ōlelo Client Registration form, Media Submission form, and read our Client Services Agreement (CSA). You will be assuming responsibility for the content of the program, including obtaining permission to use any copyrighted materials, such as music or photos and obtaining necessary releases. 'Ōlelo's resources may not be used to cover commercial content, obscene or indecent material, and libelous or slanderous statements.
  • Executive Productions cover events that:

    1) Have broad community impact or educate the community on a significant issue, and 2) Can be recorded start to finish with minimal to no editing and aired on ‘Ōlelo channels. The program must be a minimum 30 minutes in length.
  • Qualifying organizations and agencies are eligible for one free Executive Production per calendar year (up to 5 hours of production coverage which must include set up time and break down of production gear on site). Charges are as follows:

    • Half Day production (up to five hours): $250.00, $50.00 per additional hour. • Full Day production (up to eight hours): $400.00, $75.00 per additional hour after eight hours. • For LIVE cablecast: $100.00 first-time introductory offer, which includes LIVE internet streaming on 'Ōlelo’s website.
  • ALL Executive Productions are charged for the following:

    • $15 per crew member for meals and craft services. Crew sizes can range from two to twenty crew or more, depending on the complexity of your production. Size of crew will be determined by our staff at the site survey/pre-production meeting. • Any additional out-of-pocket expenses (consumable production supplies, parking, special permits and Certificates of Insurance (if required), etc. will be noted and also billed.
  • About your event

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    Must be at least 4 weeks from the time this application is submitted.
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  • Please see above fees.
  • All LIVE requests are subject to fees and further approval.
    Neighbor Island lives are not guaranteed and are based on the discretion and availability of each individual Neighbor Island PEG.
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  • How will you promote/publicize this televised program and/or gain a viewing audience for this program?
  • ‘Ōlelo’s EP service fees are minimal. Instead, we ask for your support in helping us share our mission and services with your constituents, and we invite you to use more of our services to further strengthen your voice in the community.

    A digital copy of the application will be sent to the desired party's provided email address.
  • Thank you for inviting 'Ōlelo to cover your community event! You will hear from us within a week regarding your application. If approved, we will set up a pre-production meeting and site survey to discuss the logistics of the event. After discussion and working out the details at the site survey, we will confirm coverage.

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    If you clicked submit and you're still reading this message, your application did not go through. Please review your entries on the form. Just scroll back up and amend any highlighted areas. Also feel free to email us at ep@olelo.org if you have any questions. Mahalo!