Bottles 4 College

Meet Genshu Price. He has been enrolled in Kāneʻohe’s JAM program since it began in the summer of 2019 and has completed several video projects including the one featured in this Hawaii News Now story. Not only is Genshu an avid videographer, he is also the developer of Bottles 4 College, a campaign for collecting recyclable bottles and cans to fund other local kids’ college tuitions.

He also just completed another PSA about COVID-19. We are so happy to see the impact he is making in his community, and are pleased to have him with us in the program. Having been in touch with Alex Miyamoto of the Kāneʻohe Media Service Center’s , Genshu says he canʻt wait to get back to making more videos this fall.

Congrats to Genshu and all his accomplishments!