Each election year, the VOTE! service strives to create an informed electorate. VOTE! provides candidates with a forum where they can address issues relevant to their constituents. It also includes debates and roundtable discussions with community leaders.

Candidates in Focus offers every candidate running for an O’ahu or Statewide office the opportunity to record a message for the voters.


Hawaiʻi Voter Info:

Who is funding Hawaiʻi’s state candidates? Find out with these new Civic Celerator apps which allow you to:
  • See who is running for office by district
  • See how Hawaiʻi lawmakers are utilizing their campaign funds
  • Search and sort through campaign contribution data (by donor, candidate, PACS, etc.)

To use these apps visit: Civic Celerator is a project aimed at developing user friendly apps leveraging open data made available by the Hawaiʻi Campaign Spending Commission. Sponsored by Voqal, Common Cause Hawaiʻi, and Hawaiʻi Open Data.

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