Training for Government

From large scale productions to personalized media trainings, ʻŌlelo Community Media  empowers, equips, and engages in ways that bring local stories to the forefront—without the constraints and costs of commercial television.  Whether you need to share timely messages with your constituents, or provide professional development opportunities to staff that strengthen their media literacy and skills – ʻŌlelo’s team of specialists can provide you with the tools and expertise to bring your production ideas to fruition.


Conveniently located at the Legislature, our studio at the Hawaiʻi State Capitol takes minimal time out of your schedule to share timely information and messages for television via PSAs, panel discussions, and interactive talk-story formats.  Exclusively for state legislators, state government agencies, and their staff.  Call 586-5887 or send us an email.


ʻŌlelo’s signature PSA and Mini Studio services make it easy to produce, create, and air media programs – even with no training.  Government agencies are invited to record one PSA per year at no cost.  Similarly, our Mini Studio service fee is waived for the first show taping, per year.  Mini Studio shows in need of technical staff are charged a $50 flat fee per taping.  Call 237-2107 to schedule a recording and to learn more.


Tune in to ʻŌlelo Channels 49 and 53 for coverage of State and City government sessions, hearings, and meetings or CLICK HERE for On Demand archived tapings.


Inaugurations, high profile government occasions, conferences, and community gatherings are eligible for multi-camera coverage by our team of staff and volunteers.  Apply online HERE.


Running for office?  Take part in ʻŌlelo’s ‘Vote Informed’ initiative that gives all candidates during primary and general election years the opportunity to tape a brief message to share with their constituents.  CLICK HERE for more information.


Grow your agency’s media capacity by enrolling in a class.  These are great, cost-saving options for agencies involved in outreach, with limited promotional resources.  We have three course offerings: Basic Media Production which covers all aspects of video production, including editing on Final Cut Pro X, and access to production equipment, studios, and facilities upon certification; Mini Studio Production for live-to-tape shows; and Production Mentoring for those in need of specialized support upon completion of the course.



Prerequisite: None
Class time: 24 hours (9:30 AM to 3:30 PM, 4 days)

The Basic Media Production class is an introduction to visual storytelling.  The class covers the three stages of production, and how to plan and execute the communication of a message to target audiences.  Participants use multiple types of production equipment, including HD camcorders, microphones, lighting instruments, and editing software (Final Cut Pro X).  Distribution and promotion of completed works beyond airing on ‘Ōlelo channels is also emphasized.  Participants who complete the course become certified ‘Ōlelo Media Producers, granting them access to the production facilities, resources, and equipment they are trained to use.


Prerequisite: Basic Media Production
Class time: 18 hours (9:30 AM to 3:30 PM, 3 days)

Held in a controlled studio environment, this course introduces participants to live-switching between multiple cameras, graphics, and B-roll by way of TriCaster, LiveText, and robotic camera operation.  By the end of the training, participants can produce and direct a live-to-tape show.



Class time: 6 hours (9:30 AM to 3:30 PM, 1 day)

‘Ōlelo provides one-on-one training and mentoring time based on your specific needs.  Whether it is Pre-Production or Post-Production, we are here to provide the additional help you need to get your programming on air.




March Class

March 5th 6th 7th 8th – Basic Media Production REGISTER HERE

March 12th 13th 14th – Mini Studio Production  REGISTER HERE

March 15th – Production Mentoring  REGISTER HERE



May Class

May 7th 8th 9th 10th – Basic Media Production  REGISTER HERE

May 14th 15th 16th – Mini Studio Production  REGISTER HERE

May 17th – Production Mentoring  REGISTER HERE



July Class

July 9th 10th 11th 12th – Basic Media Production

July 16th 17th 18th – Mini Studio Production

July 19th – Production Mentoring


September Class

September 10th 11th 12th 13th – Basic Media Production

September 17th 18th 19th – Mini Studio Production

September 20th – Production Mentoring



November Class

October 29th 30th 31st November 1st – Basic Media Production

November 5th 6th 7th – Mini Studio Production

November 8th – Production Mentoring